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my name is Marlene Gainey Founder & CEO of Panther. I also own a software business that specializes in Social media apps and games. Here is a link to my website if you want to learn more

I have been in business since February of 2016 online business and store. I name my store as Panther  I'm a animal lover and a beauty fanatic  my brand is a trademark pending and it's authentically. I enjoyed doing makeup videos showing people how i apply my makeup. 

Makeup Brushes

Let's create stories together and share your testimony with us. At Marlene's Beauty, we specialize in makeup brushes and eyelashes, waist trainer, etc.

Our store is not only to face its also for healthy living as well looking good from head to toes.

With the waist trainer,r you can start sweating off the fat from your tummy with active work out regimen and eating healthy. The waist trainer will help you to lose that extra fat that is hanging and give you that sexy gorgeous look.

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