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As a former customer care agent at Cigna healthcare, Marlene Ferguson does more than attending to customers. With over 10 years of experience as a customer care representative, Marlene is an educated fashion designer obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that is incredibly useful and effective.
Marlene has worked in various reputable car dealing companies including Nissan motors among others as a sales representative, years before working alongside the healthcare agents with duties of taking good care of the elderly.
With a whole lot of passion for makeup and hair, Marlene in 2018 started out as “Marlene’s Beauty” with the sole aim of taking fashion to the next level. The business was really blooming until the whole vision of the panther came.

Panther is like a dream turn into reality, which is why the CEO; Marlene, is putting in her best to ensure quality source, great content, updated ideas, and making sure that panther becomes one of the greatest fashion hubs the world has ever seen.

Marlene asides fashion is also the CEO of over three software applications, one of which is the MyTyme app; a potential social media application that enables instant message, video, and picture upload, and many more. Although the application is yet to be enabled for others to access it promises to be one of a kind. She also has an active gaming application called the “clockit mania” game and an instant messaging application called “oh-my” messenger. In a nutshell, Marlene Ferguson is an all-round go-getter whose attitude towards business is not just Radical, but diverse.

Marlene; a radical go-getter as said earlier, is a loving mother of 3 wonderful children, whose hobby mostly is cooking delicious homemade meals. She also enjoys spending time with her families, traveling, quiet time, and above all being open to trending innovations, ideas, and smart ways of carrying out her business effectively to the next level.

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